Our Philosophy

The face and future of healthcare and it's delivery are changing. And let's face it, this is a change that is needed to improve patient outcomes. Understanding the driving factors behind malady inception will not only lead to advanced and more conclusive treatment but will mend the path to malady abrogation. LERS contributes to educational development and growth in longevity sciences by providing scholarships and fully funded educational activities to those interested in a career path within the realm of longevity science. LERS supports preemptive scientist and researchers by campaigning to raise awareness. In partnership with Life Equity Healthcare Research Group, LERS  is dedicated to finding a cure for cardiomyopathy.

Meet the Team

Korita Johnson


Romeo Harris

Vice President

Sherry Burkett


Next Steps...

Do you believe Life is Equity? Forward thinking professionals with a spirit for advocacy, change and action are the driving force of the future of healthcare. Be the voice of change and join LERS today.