Longevity Science

Maintaining a desired quality of life and extending longevity are priority goals of healthcare research. Life Equity Research Society is at the forefront of longevity sciences.

Move for a Cause

5K Stomp Out Bullying- Benefits Bullying Prevention and Education


5K Run to Shout- Benefits Speech Language Disorder Research


Educational Philanthropy

Dissemination of healthcare research is the foundation for evidence based practice. The LERS Life-Time Learner Scholarship is awarded semi annually to select qualified applicants enrolled in graduate coursework in a field of longevity sciences.

Life is Equity

The Life Equity Research Society (LERS) was developed to bring together forward thinking industry leaders to provide a governing body for longevity sciences. The members of LERS are the content experts that contribute a generous portion of evidence based data from which LEHRG’s CEU courses are formulated. Life and the living of life to its fullest is the major driving force for even the most primitive human instincts. Every human deserves a high quality of life free of malady to enjoy those premises that are near and dear to the heart, mind, body and soul. Life is beautiful and life is equity.


Next Steps...

Do you believe Life is Equity? Forward thinking professionals with a spirit for advocacy, change and action are the driving force of the future of healthcare. Be the voice of change and join LERS today.